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Add-a-Bag Luggage Strap. Handy luggage strap lets you easily carry a second bag. This adjustable strap attaches to your main bag and holds the handles of a second bag, so you can roll or carry both bags without needing an extra pair of hands. The sturdy buckle and universal hook are designed to withstand the wear and tear of travel, and the strap length adjusts to hold smaller or larger bags. When not in use, it stows away neatly. Move multiple bags easily. Ever find yourself in a busy airport, struggling to move multiple suitcases and carry-on bags and wishing you had an extra pair of hands This strap solves the problem, letting you move two bags at once--without trying to grasp two sets of handles or balance bags on top of each other. Works with virtually any bag. The strap length adjusts to accommodate smaller and larger bags, and the sturdy buckle and universal hook are designed to withstand wear and tear. Packs away neatly. It detaches and packs away neatly in your bag or pocket, so its there when you need it--yet you dont have to worry about it catching on things or getting in the way when not in use.



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