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Having nine different bike shoes for every kind of condition is expensive and not very practical. And when you start to put in the miles with all nine pairs, an entire metal vault will be needed to hide the smell. Instead, keep the stink factor down and the versatility up with the Shimano SH-R077 Road Bike Shoes. These all around sport shoes offer a classic design but with the long-lasting, high-quality Shimano construction. Tough stretch-resistant synthetic leather and mesh comprise the upper design while your foot is snug and breathin' easy thanks to the integrated air intake and exhaust system. The lightweight glass fiber reinforced-polyamide sole is rated dead center on a scale of comfort to competition, allowing you to ride it all. Three asymmetrical straps eliminate pressure points and get you on your bike that much faster. Tough stretch resistant synthetic leather and mesh Triple asymmetrical straps prevent pressure points Lightweight glass fiber reinforced sole SPD SPD-SL cleat compatible Best matched with Shimano PD-R540 and PD-A520  



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